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About trademark

A trademark is a sign that identifies the source of products and services. Therefore, your trademark is useful in distinguishing the products or services that you sell from those sold by your competitors.

Trademark can be a word, a logo or a combination of words and logo.

Importance of trademark registration

1. Prevent misuse of domain name

You can stop others in similar field of business from using your brand name as their trademark.

2. Prevent domain name transfer

At times, someone else might register your domain name as their trademark, and even get your domain name transferred to them.

Therefore, by trademark registration of your domain name, you will have an effective tool to defend yourself.

3.Combat domain name issues

Domain names that are deceptively similar to your domain name might be registered by someone else with different domain name extensions (.in, .net, etc.), and try to exploit you.

Trademark registration of your domain name is extremely useful in fighting such attempts to exploit your business.

Trademark registration process

1.Trademark application filing

A trademark application is filed under the class of business you are in. A trademark application includes exhaustive documentation, which is required by the Government to register the trademark.


The trademark application is examined by the Indian Government.

If the Government has objections, then an examination report will be issued. Legal argument rebutting the objections have to be submitted to pursue registration. Once the Government is convinced, or if they did not have any objections in the first place, then the trademark application is advertised on the Government’s website for four months to invite objections from third party.

In case objections are raised by third party, then those objections have to be rebutted as well. However, rarely such objections are raised.

After 4 months of advertisement, the trademark is ready for registration.


After advertising the trademark application on the Government’s website for 4 months, the trademark is registered and a trademark registration certificate is generated.

The registration is valid for 10 years, after which the registration can be renewed.

Getting started

1.Understanding requirement

Once you inform us, via email, chat or phone, to begin the process, our expert trademark consultant will contact you to understand your trademark registration requirement, and collect necessary information.

2.Registration feasibility check

The expert will use the collected information to assess the feasibility of trademark registration. The expert will convey the result of the assessment, based on which you may decide to apply for trademark registration.

3.Easy online payment

Once you decide to apply for trademark registration, you will be making the payment using the online payment option provided on our website. You will get an instant confirmation of the payment.

4.TM application filing

All the documentation that is required to apply for trademark registration is prepared by our expert. Some of the critical information in the documentation is double checked with you before filing. Once confirmed, the trademark application online.

5.TM application number

Trademark filing receipt is generated online after the trademark application is filed. A unique trademark application number is also assigned. The trademark filing receipt and the trademark application number will be sent to you via email.


The status of the trademark application may change as the application moves from one step to another before the trademark is registered. We will update you with the status of the trademark application from time to time.